Teaching Statistics


The Teaching Statistics special interest group (SIG) was created in 2019 to provide a platform to collate and disseminate ideas and best practice in the teaching of statistics.

The group will mainly target statistics educators, which includes those working in higher education (including postgraduate teaching assistants), post-16 education and professional training. They will promote teaching excellence in statistics to increase statistical literacy among students, as student involvement in the SIG will be necessary and beneficial in achieving the goals of the group.


We envisage the following aims for this SIG:

  • To promote good teaching practice in statistics in higher education, post-16 education and professional training
  • To promote innovative use of technology in teaching statistics
  • To facilitate the discussion of modernising statistics curricula for both specialist and non-specialist students in higher education, learning from institutions who have successfully implemented curricula combining modern statistics with areas such as computing and data science
  • To promote good assessment practices in higher education for specialist and non-specialist students
  • To promote the study of statistics to students in higher and post-16 education, either as a specialist pathway or as a valuable part of a degree in another discipline
  • To promote statistics education generally, highlighting the importance of statistical literacy.


Chair: Elinor Jones
Secretary: Simon Harden;

Committee members

Laura Bonnett
William Browne
Andy Field
Christopher Hallsworth
Rachel Hilliam
Margaret MacDougall
Darren Macey
Jamie Seargeant
Angela Wade
Emma Mccoy (Council representative)

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Contact: teachstats.rss@gmail.com
Twitter: @RSS_teach