Nominations now open for Statistics of the Year 2019 and Statistics of the Decade 2010-19

The Royal Statistical Society has opened nominations for its 2019 Statistics of the Year competition. Last year’s winning and highly commended statistics covered a diverse and fascinating range of topics - from plastic waste, to solar power generation, to ‘shrinkflation’. The competition secured tremendous media coverage and, for 2019, we’re hoping to find an even broader range of really interesting and insightful statistics.

We are also looking for nominations for our inaugural Statistics of the Decade award. For this accolade, we are looking for stand-out statistics that capture the zeitgeist of the last ten years. Do you have a statistic that tells the story from the past decade? If so, nominate today!

To nominate, all you need to do is fill in the entry form linked below. We have a judging panel comprising eminent statisticians, journalists, economists, environmental scientists and pollsters, chaired by the RSS's Vice-President for External Affairs, Professor Jen Rogers. The panel will decide on the winning and highly commended statistics in December.

Read here about last year’s winning UK and international Statistics of the Year

Criteria for Statistics of the Year and Statistics of the Decade

  • Your nominated statistic should ideally have a public interest dimension to it 
  • The statistic does not need to have an established media profile – it could be a number that is newsworthy but, in your view, has not previously received the attention it deserves 
  • The statistic should be accurate, coherent and not misleading 
  • It should ideally provide a new and interesting insight into a specific issue 
  • Examples could include: 
    • A statistic that debunks a popular myth 
    • A statistic relevant to a key news story or social trend. 
    • A statistic relevant to a phenomenon/craze this year or this decade 
  • For Statistics of the Year only: Your nominated statistic does not necessarily need to have been produced within 2019, but it does need to have become relevant in that time. 
  • For Statistics of the Decade: Topics to nominate may include, for example, The Great Recession, climate change or the growth of digital services.

Guidance for nominating

  • We ask all those nominating to declare any interests in their chosen statistic. 
  • You should state the statistic’s source on your nomination form - for example, the UK’s Office for National Statistics - and provide a clear reference and/or web link. 
  • The word limit for describing your chosen statistic is 75 words. 
  • We ask all nominees to write a brief supporting statement for their chosen statistic of no more than 200 words; this should explain how the statistic is relevant to the judging criteria stated above. 
  • Please note entries will be considered invalid if your supporting text exceeds the word limit or if no adequate supporting statement is provided.  
  • We regret that nominations will also be disregarded if no specific statistic is actually put forward (as has occasionally happened in the past) - so please do not, for example, simply describe a problem, achievement or phenomenon. Unfortunately, RSS staff will not have sufficient time to find a specific statistic to match it. Thank you, in advance, for your co-operation on this point. 
  • The judges will also consider any potential limitations or criticisms of the statistic they select – you are urged to address any such potential drawbacks proactively in your submission to help strengthen its chances of success. 
  • In its announcement of the winning and ‘highly commended’ entries, the RSS will set out the statistics’ significance and what, in the judging panel’s view, they do and don’t convey. 
  • Finally, please note that the winning and commended statistics will come from those that have been nominated through the process described above. As a result, they may not necessarily be absolutely ideal - but they will represent the best of the relevant figures that have put forward for the judges’ consideration.

Download the nomination form here

Please submit your chosen statistics by 24th November 2019

Follow the hashtag #StatsoftheYear and #StatsoftheDecade on social media for updates!