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31 December 2019
CNN: The Amazon lost the equivalent of 8.4 million soccer fields this decade
Fox News: The Amazon has lost the equivalent of 10.3 million football fields to deforestation

30 December 2019
CNBC: UK productivity has ‘halted’ since the financial crisis, expert says

23 December 2019
Guardian: Don’t glaze over. This statistic holds the key to UK prosperity - Hetan Shah
    And the statistic of the decade award goes to … 0.3%
Bloomberg: U.K. Productivity Malaise Named as ‘Statistic of the Decade'
The i: Amazon has lost rainforest the size of 8.4 million football pitches in decade, says Royal Statistical Society
Financial Times: Poor productivity growth of 0.3% is ‘statistic of the decade’ (paywall)
The Times: Paul Johnson on why stark statistics make clear why people feel worse off (paywall)
The Sun: Shocking destruction of the Amazon rainforest named stat of decade
LADbible: Amazon Rainforest Losing Equivalent To 8.4 Million Football Pitches is Statistic Of The Decade
The Conversation: Liberty Vittert – Statistics of the Decade

22 December 2019
Mail on Sunday: LUCY MANGAN: Let's force men to split Christmas jobs 505/50!

19 December 2019
The Times: The statistics quiz of the year 2019 (paywall)
      Things to avoid saying at the Christmas lunch (paywall)
Daily Mail: Growth of in-work poverty is UK's 'statistic of the year' for 2019
Yahoo: Growth of in-work poverty is ‘statistic of the year’
Sky News: In-work poverty and life expectancy figures are 2019's most important stats
ITV News: Growth of in-work poverty is ‘statistic of the year’
Research Live: Stat of the year highlights in-work poverty

5 December 2019
Evening Standard: The Londoner

5 November 2019
Civil Service World: Pre-election guidance issued as restrictions on officials come into force

15 October 2019
Guardian: Councils using algorithms to make welfare decisions

30 September 2019
Schools Week: A hundred years of randomness: Dr Ben Styles on education RCTs

26 September 2019
Research Live: Industry stats body calls for policy debate centred on evidence

25 September 2019
New Statement: Dominic Cummings: The Machiavel in Downing Street

25 September 2019
Public Technology: Data chiefs call for end to politicians’ early access to statistics

24 September 2019
Holyrood Magazine: Giving ministers early sight of statistics “encourages spin”

19 September 2019
STV: Early access to stats could be limited amid spin fears

17 September 2019
WonkHe: What the (extra) TEF?

15 September 2019
I newspaper: Overhaul of university admissions could see students apply after getting A-level results

12 September 2019
LBC: Nick Ferrari at Breakfast - Professor Jen Rogers interview for Stats of the Year/Decade, link unavailable

5 September 2019
New Statesman: The RPI trap: how Sajid Javid quietly consigned younger workers to years of lower pay

15th August 2019
Financial Times: Artificial intelligence is no silver bullet for governance (Op-ed by Hetan Shah)
6th August 2019
Physics World: Why we need to keep talking about equality in physics

6th August 2019
Financial Times: UK appoints veteran academic as national statistician

6th August 2019
The Times: ‘Visionary’ academic is new statistics chief

6th August 2019
Civil Service World: Social Security Advisory Committee chair Sir Ian Diamond named national statistician

24th July 2019
Daily Mail: Middle-aged women with waists over 35 inches have a 30% higher risk of early death (RSS Statistical Ambassador Dr Joy Leahy quoted)

16th July 2019
Research Live: Government urged to overhaul use of data

12th July 2019
The Bureau of Investigative Journalism: Dying Homeless Project Wins Royal Statistical Society Award

14th June 2019
Associated Press: Cricket’s scoring pioneer is no ‘Einstein’ (Frank Duckworth, RSS Fellow, interview)

6th June 2019
The Actuary: Interview: Hetan Shah

3rd June 2019
The Times: Bad planning, not a lack of talent, is behind the leadership vacuum

12 July 2019
Civil Service World: ONS homeless deaths project scoops statistical excellence award

24 June 2019
City AM: The government must boost data sharing if it is to keep up with industry 

31 May 2019
Civil Service World: Department for Education warned again on ministers’ funding claims (Hetan Shah quoted)

28 May 2019
BBC Radio 4’s More or Less: Florence Nightingale – recognising the nurse statistician

24 May 2019
Civil Service World: ONS loses deputy national statistician as hunt for new chief continues (Hetan Shah quoted)

15 May 2019
New Statesman: When maths goes wrong

10 May 2019
Guardian: One in five harmed by others drinking alcohol over past year, survey finds (Statistical Ambassador, Joy Leahy, quoted, RSS mentioned)

10 May 2019
City AM: Wanted: A new national statistician to restore the public’s faith in data (Hetan Shah article)

07 May 2019
Channel 5: RSS Statistical Ambassador Michael Dunne-Willows fact-checked“ Care leavers - what happens when they turn 18?” documentary, RSS credited

03 May 2019
BBC Radio 4’s More or Less: Nurses, flatmates and cats (Professor Jen Rogers appearance)

02 May 2019
Investment Week: A halt in diversity progress would be disheartening

23 April 2019
Civil Service World: Search for next national statistician comes up empty

23 April 2019
Times: £160,000 salary fails to lure new statistics chief

23 April 2019
Times: Hundreds of errors mar pay gap data

23 April 2019
Financial Times: UK fails to fill role of national statistician (paywall)

15 April 2019
Personnel Today: How gender pay gap sums should be made more accurate

12 April 2019
Times: Gender pay gap ‘hard to understand’ (paywall)

12 April 2019
talkRadio: The Julia Hartley-Brewer Breakfast Show (interview with Professor Jen Rogers speaking about the gender pay gap) (link unavailable)

12 April 2019
BBC Radio Scotland: Good Morning Scotland (interview with Professor Jen Rogers speaking about the gender pay gap)

11 April 2019
Vice: An Attempt to Make Universities More Equal Is Making Things Even Worse

4 April 2019
Econews: Australian spring water company challenges bottled water industry

13 March 2019
The Statesman (India): Five ways cities can curb plastic waste

12 March 2019
Hello Magazine: 7 of the most inspiring British women in history

12 March 2019
Civil Service World: PACAC promises better gender balance after calling no women in stats inquiry

11 March 2019
Times Higher Education (THE): Royal Statistical Society: the TEF should have a health warning

07 March 2019
Fox News: Heading to Mexico for spring break? Here's a statistician's take on the risk vs. the reward

07 March 2019
Financial Times: Gender bias in data affect health and wealth (paywall)

07 March 2019
Research Fortnight: TEF awards are ‘invalid’, says Royal Statistical Society

06 March 2019
Media FHE: Calls for "misleading" TEF to be scrapped in current form

20 February 2019
Independent: Women still face 'massive gender bias' in UK workforce, new AI study finds

19 February 2019
Yomiuri Shimbun Japan: UK & USA – High-level training and expertise (print)

13 February 2019
Financial Times: How to stop computers being biased (paywall)

13 February 2019
Fox News: Valentine’s Day chocolate – here are some not so sweet facts

12 February 2019
The Guardian: Royal Statistical Society Christmas quiz 2018: how many puzzles did you solve?

05 February 2019
Dispatches, Channel 4: Skipping School: Britain's Invisible Kids

17 January 2019
This is Money: The billion-pound inflation blunder: Calculation error that boosted RPI has cost commuters and students dear, warns House of Lord

15 January 2019
Civil Service World: Nominations open for stats awards

11 January 2019
BBC Radio 4 More or Less: Deborah Ashby speaking about two Stats of the year

04 January 2019
World Economic Forum: We've created 6.3 billion tonnes of it.

04 January 2019
Fast Company: If you recycled the world’s plastic trash, you could buy Apple.

30 December 2018
Observer: Life without plastic: pioneer families show how it's done (print, page 39)

28 December 2018
BBC 2 Christmas University Challenge: President Deborah Ashby on Christmas University Challenge.

27 December 2018
Stats and Stories: The Statistics of the Year, episode 76

20 December 2018
National Geographic: A whopping 91% of plastic isn't recycled.

20 December 2018
World Economic Forum: If you recycled all the plastic waste on the planet, you would be the world's richest person

20 December 2018
Radio NZ: The Panel with Bernard Hickey and Jo McCarroll

19 December 2018
FiveThirtyEight: Significant Digits For Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2018

19 December 2018
the Stranger: This Is, Indeed, the Statistic of 2018: 90.5 Percent of Plastic Is Not Recycled

19 December 2018
CNN: Top statistic: Most plastic not recycled

18 December 2018
BBC Radio 4 Today programme: Dr Jen Rogers Discussing Statistics of the Year winners and highly commended

18 December 2018
BBC Radio Scotland, Good Morning Scotland: Dr Liberty Vittert discussing Statistics of the Year winners and highly commended

18 December 2018
STV Scotland Tonight: Dr Liberty Vittert discussing Statistics of the Year winners and highly commended

18 December 2018
The Guardian: Environment, Jaffa Cakes and Kylie Jenner star in statistics of the year

18 December 2018
Daily Mail: Study into plastic pollution named as 'international statistic of the year' after it revealed 90% of the material in the world has NEVER been recycled

18 December 2018
BBC News Online: 2018 statistic of the year: Plastic waste fact tops list

18 December 2018
Insider: Rise of renewables among statistics of the year

18 December 2018
Washington Post: Scary Stat 90.5% of plastic is not recycled (paywall)

18 December 2018
USA Today: The winner of Statistic of the Year: 90.5 percent of plastic is not recycled

18 December 2018
Newsweek: If you recycled all the plastic garbage in the world, you could buy the NFL, Apple and Microsoft

18 December 2018
The Conversation: If you recycled all the plastic garbage in the world, you could buy the NFL, Apple and Microsoft

18 December 2018
The Week UK: Why 90.5% has been declared the best statistic of 2018

18 December 2018
Metro: Jaffa Cakes are shrinking and there aren’t enough female bosses: 2018 in review

18 December 2018
I newspaper: Graphic of SOTY winner and highly commended (print, page 2)

18 December 2018
City AM: Figure out the best that statistics can offer (quiz) - (print, page 9)

18 December 2018
Times: Figures for speech (print, page 15 diary column)

15 December 2018
The Guardian: Royal Statistical Society Christmas quiz: 25th anniversary edition

14 November 2018
RTS (Swiss): De l’usage de la statistique en démocratie (with Hetan Shah)

9 November 2018
ComputerWorld UK: How Google is looking to ensure AI development is ethical and fair

2 November 2018
The Telegraph: New £50 note likely to feature female British scientist as nominations for women pour in

24 October 2018
BBC News Online: Winning ticket in $1.6bn US Mega Millions lottery jackpot

22 October 2018
Financial Times: How to save statistics from the threat of populism (paywall)

20 October 2018
The Herald: Grave of forgotten Scots hero who helped abolish slavery finally marked

19 October 2018
BBC Radio 4 Today Programme: Zachary Macaulay feature

15 October 2018
New Scientist: National bans on smacking children linked to less teenage violence (paywall)

09 October 2018
Civil Service World: DfE must do better on statistics says perm sec after watchdog's warning

09 October 2018
The Times: Education secretary Damian Hinds rebuked for misusing data

08 October 2018
BBC News Online: School funding 'exaggerated' by ministers, says watchdog

08 October 2018
Schools Week: The DfE’s repeated misuse of statistics is embarrassing

05 October 2018
Research Fortnight: Data partnership’s challenge is getting government to play ball (paywall)

04 October 2018
Nature: Rotating plots to form diamonds could prevent correlation-causation confusion

04 October 2018
BBC Radio 4 More or Less: Loneliness, School Funding, Same-sex divorce

29 September 2018
Financial Times: Curiosity can save us when lies come dressed as numbers (paywall)

23 September 2018
Times Higher Education: Interview with Deborah Ashby

17 September 2018
BBC News: Income 'not the only factor' in poverty
17 September 2018

The Telegraph: Half a million pensions 'out of poverty' overnight

17 September 2018
The Guardian: New study finds 4.5 million UK children living in poverty

17 September 2018
City AM: Changing the way the UK measures poverty

16 September 2018
Sunday Times: Middle class take more drink and drugs than poor (paywall)

24 August 2018
BBC News: Lies, damned lies and favourite stats

21 August 2018
The Independent: Yes, many GPs work only 3.5 days a week, but the number of hours they do should be respected

19 August 2018
The Independent: What shifting to RPI from CPI means for the average worker, beyond rail fares

02 August 20018
The Times: When to say when? Why alcohol advice needs its own health warning (paywall)

20 July 2018
The Verdict: Britain needs to improve data skills to survive post-Brexit

17 July 2018
Civil Service World: Defra celebrates statistics success

11 July 2018
Research Fortnight: The head of the Royal Statistical Society tells Daniel Cressey about public engagement and shaping policy in the age of big data (paywall)

14 June 2018
Times Higher Education: Laurie Taylor - The official weekly newsletter of the University of Poppleton (paywall)

7 June 2018
Times Higher Education: Guy Nason - For statistical prowess, the TEF does not even get bronze (paywall)

7 June 2018
GQ: Alastair Campbell vs The Daily Mail

1 June 2018
The Guardian: Hetan Shah - Awarding university subjects gold medals is deeply flawed

29 May 2018
The Hindu: Data in a post-truth age

29 May 2018
The Financial Times: Tim Gardam - Embed ethical thinking in tech culture (paywall)

23 May 2018
The Register:'s use of black box algorithms to decide stuff needs watching

23 May 2018
City AM: The algorithmic society is upon us – time to learn how to shape it

11 May 2018
The Telegraph: Absurd that government uses flawed measure for student loan interest rates (paywall)

11 May 2018
The I: Nicky Morgan: The Government must reconsider absurd measure used to set high-interest rates on student loans

25 April 2018
Wonkhe: Universities’ evolving role in the ethics of data and artificial intelligence

20 April 2018
The Times: Definitely not OK - Ryanair’s latest claim (paywall)

18 April 2018
Womanthology: Celebrating awesome women in mathematics from around the globe

12 April 2018
Civil Service World: Civil servants subject to three-week local election purdah period from today

7 April 2018
The Times: Gender pay gap: Strange data shows something is not quite right (paywall)

3 April 2018
Campaign Live: Royal Statistical Society calls for tougher advertising code

31 March 2018
The Times: Big Brother is watching. And we’re next (paywall)

28 March 2018
Computer Weekly: £5m Ada Lovelace Institute launched to look into data ethics

27 March 2018
Nature: Hetan Shah: Use our personal data for the common good

9 March 2018
The Horwich Advertiser: Dr Ralph delivers Royal Statistical Society Lecture

25 February 2018
The Sunday Times: Highlight the negative and you risk damaging your wealth (paywall)

15 February 2018
The Guardian: The Royal Statistical Society Christmas quiz 2017: belated answers

8 February 2018
The Financial Times: A guide to statistics in a misleading age - Tim Harford (paywall)

29 January 2018
The Financial Times: ONS says data errors undermine UK emphasis on services (paywall)

17 January 2018
Civil Service World: RSS and UKSA award seeks to find the best use of official statistics

12 January 2018
Times Higher Education: A not-so-fond farewell to universities minister Jo Johnson (paywall)

9 January 2018
Daily Mail Online: RIP for the RPI?

4 January 2018
Bournemouth Daily Echo: 'Clearly overwhelming' opposition to hospital plans, says professor

4 January 2018
St Albans & Harpenden Review: Greener than you thought!

3 January 2018

31 December 2017
BBC More or Less World Service: Statistics of the Year 2017

26 December 2017
This is Money: Another year, another unfair rail fare hike

21 December 2017
The Guardian: The Royal Statistical Society’s Annual Christmas Quiz

18 December 2017
Daily Mail Online: Statistics reveal more US citizens are killed by lawnmowers than Jihadi terrorists on average each year

18 December 2017
Financial Times: Best statistics of 2017 are 69 and 0.1 (paywall)

18 December 2017
The Sun: Americans are 34 times more likely to be killed each year by lawnmowers than jihadis

18 December 2017
The Irish Times: Americans more likely to be killed by lawnmowers than foreign terrorists

19 December 2017
Independent: Kim Kardashian's tweet named statistic of the year

19 December 2017
The Times: The year in statistics - It had a mean streak (paywall)

19 December 2017
BBC Newsbeat: Kim Kardashian's tweet is awarded stat of the year

6 December 2017
The Guardian: Letter to the Editor: RPI no longer fit for deciding rail fare rises

29 November 2017
The New Statesman: Slaying the Five Giants: the 75th anniversary of the Beveridge Report

29 November 2017
The Register: Why the new data ethics centre needs clout

29 November 2017
UK Authority: UK to get national advisory body for data and AI

23 November 2017
Civil Service World: Department for Education ‘risks losing trust’ with another stats breach

23 November 2017
Schools Week: DfE reprimanded by UK Statistics Authority

17 November 2017
Civil Service World: Hetan Shah: why the election showed purdah rules need to be reformed

15 November 2017
The Telegraph: Letter to the Editor: Taken for a ride by the Government’s inflation fix (paywall)

31 October 2017
The Register: Health quango: Booze 'evidence' not Puritan enough

20 October 2017
The Law Society Gazette: Lies and statistics: advocates get help with statistical evidence

20 October 2017
BBC Radio 4 The Today Programme: Puzzle for Today

17 October 2017
The Guardian: Maths graduates wanted

11 October 2017
Financial Times: Inflation isn’t what it used to be — and we’re poorer for it (paywall)

5 October 2017
Prospect Magazine: The future will be data-driven (paywall)

4 October 2017
The Washington Post: Americans who live closer to a mass shooting are more likely to support gun regulation

30 September 2017
BBC News Online: A halt to the spin cycle

29 September 2017
City AM: Editor’s Notes

26 September 2017
City AM: How to end politicians’ misuse of statistics and restore faith in data

25 September 2017
PHYS.ORG: Just what is our problem with numbers? An interview with Dr Jennifer Rogers

25 September 2017
Evening Express: System ‘undermines public trust’ in statistics, MSPs told

19 September 2017
The Times: How Boris got his numbers wrong (paywall)

19 September 2017
Financial Times: Academics urge universities’ pension fund to explain shortfall (paywall)

18 September 2017
BuzzFeed: Four Days Until Theresa May's Brexit Speech And It's All Going Really Well

18 September 2017
Financial Times: Boris Johnson’s Brexit claim displease UK statistics watchdog (paywall)

17 September 2017
Independent: Christmas is a popular search term - and it's only September

17 September 2017
The Guardian: Row grows over Boris Johnson £350m post-Brexit claim

17 September 2017
The Telegraph: Boris Johnson accuses statistics regulator of 'wilfully distorting' his words  (paywall)

14 September 2017
The Guardian: Statistical vigilantes: the war on scientific fraud – Science Weekly podcast

8 September 2017
City AM: Hetan Shah: Time for an updated inflation index

4 September 2017
The Scottish Herald: Expert warns over dumping information on patients

3 September 2017
The Mail on Sunday: Expert demands urgent probe into NHS 'avoidable' fatalities

31 August 2017
City AM: Statistics boss slam Home Office migration data leaks

31 August 2017
The Guardian: UK Statistics Authority Chair criticises Home Office migration statistics leak

29 August 2017
Civil Service World: Hetan Shah: Lessons for Whitehall from the migration statistics fiasco

24 August 2017
The Economist: A letter to the Editor from Tony Cox, Chair of the RPI/CPI User Group (paywall)

20 August 2017
The Telegraph: Thousands of students set to receive wrong grades, experts warn (paywall)

12 August 2017
The Sunday Telegraph: Letters: knowing the price (paywall)

10 August 2017

Time Higher Education: Student activism has shown its power (paywall)