Our membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December annually. Our subscription fees for 2019 are:

- Full: £140 / £130 (DD)
- Concessionary: £70 / £65 (DD)

- Full £150 / £140 (DD)
- Concessionary: £75 / £70 (DD)

- Full : £186 / £176 (DD)
- Concessionary: £93 / £88 (DD)

e-Student - FREE
e-Teacher - FREE

For those paying by Direct Debit, a £10 discount is available on our full-rate fees and a £5 discount on our concessionary fees.

*GradStat and CStat fees include your fellow fee. CStat fellows with Chartered Scientist (CSci) pay an additional fee of £50 that includes an annual renewal fee for Science Council registration. CSci fees are not subject to any discount.

New fellows who join before the end of August will pay the full year’s subscription and receive back copies of Significance from the beginning of the subscription year. Fellows who join after 1 September will be charged the following year’s subscription fee and your membership will run until the 31 December of that year, giving you up to four months’ free membership.

Concessionary Fees

Concessionary fees are available to:

Students – those in full time higher education or undertaking a part time PhD.

New Graduates – those who have graduated within the last two years. The concessionary rate will apply for 5 years from the point of joining.

Retired – for those who are retired or not professionally active and do not have an earned income of over £12,500 per annum.

Economically Developing Areas (EDAs) – for those who are located in EDA countries as defined by the RSS.

Other ways to reduce your fees

Tax relief - If you pay for your own RSS membership and you are a UK tax payer your membership fee might be tax deductible (eligible for tax-relief). Please visit www.rss.org.uk/tax for more information.

Ask your employer - your employer may be willing to reimburse you or pay for your subscription if membership contributes to your professional development.

Corporate membership – our corporate members are entitled to a discount on their membership fee. A list of our current corporate members can be found here. To find out more about how your business can become a corporate member, please contact Rosie Sweeney at r.sweeney@rss.org.uk.