Journal Series B: current and forthcoming papers

RSS Series B journalVolume 81 (2019), part 2

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Covariate-assisted ranking and screening for large-scale two-sample inference (with discussion)
T T Cai, W Sun and W Wang

Approximate Bayesian computation with the Wasserstein distance
E Bernton, P E Jacob, M Gerber and C P Robert

Clustering functional data into groups using projections
A Delaigle, P Hall and T Pham

A general framework for quantile estimation with incomplete data
P Han, L Kong, J Zhao and X Zhou

Construction of row–column factorial designs
J D Godolphin

Hypoelliptic diffusions: filtering and inference from complete and partial observations
S Ditlevsen and A Samson

Multiple influential point detection in high dimensional regression spaces
J Zhao, C Liu, L Niu and C Leng

Semiparametric model for bivariate survival data subject to biased sampling
J Piao, J Ning and Y Shen

Statistical inference for the population landscape via moment-adjusted stochastic gradients
T Liang and W J Su

Forthcoming papers

MALMEM: model averaging in linear measurement error models
X Zhang, Y Ma and R J Carroll

Dynamic shrinkage processes
D R Kowal, D S Matteson and D Ruppert

Corrigendum: Detecting heteroscedasticity in non-parametric regression using weighted empirical processes
J Chown and U U Müller

Signal classification for the integrative analysis of multiple sequences of large-scale multiple tests
D Xiang, S D Zhao and T T Cai

Narrowest-over-threshold detection of multiple change points and change-point-like features
R Baranowski, Y Chen and P Fryzlewicz

Intrinsic Gaussian processes on complex constrained domains
M Niu, P Cheung, Z Dai, N Lawrence and D Dunson

A general asymptotic framework for distribution-free graph-based two-sample tests
B B Bhattacharya

Computer model calibration with confidence and consistency
M Plumlee

Scalable importance tempering and Bayesian variable selection
G Zanella and G Roberts

Post-selection estimation and testing following aggregate association tests
R Heller, A Meir and N Chatterjee

Robust causal structure learning with some hidden variables
B Frot, P Nandy and M H Maathuis

Confidence intervals for causal effects with invalid instruments by using two-stage hard thresholding with voting
Z Guo, H Kang, T T Cai and D S Small