Journal Series C: current and forthcoming papers

RSS Series C journalVolume 69 (2020), part 1

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Analysis of tornado reports through replicated spatiotemporal point patterns
J A González, U Hahn and J Mateu

Longitudinal dynamic functional regression
A-M Staicu, M N Islam, R Dumitru and E van Heugten

Zoom-in–out joint graphical lasso for different coarseness scales
E Pircalabelu, G Claeskens and L J Waldorp

Selecting biomarkers for building optimal treatment selection rules by using kernel machines
S Dasgupta and Y Huang

Estimating the probability of default for no-default and low-default portfolios
O Blümke

Bayesian modelling of marked point processes with incomplete records: volcanic eruptions
T Wang, M Schofield, M Bebbington and K Kiyosugi

A full Bayesian implementation of a generalized partial credit model with an application to an international disability survey
S K Sahu, Mark R Bass, C Sabariego, A Cieza, C S Fellinghauer and S Chatterji

A time-varying Bayesian joint hierarchical copula model for analysing recurrent events and a terminal event: an application to the Cardiovascular Health Study
Z Li, V M Chinchilli and M Wang

Inference for biomedical data by using diffusion models with covariates and mixed effects
M Große Ruse, A Samson and S Ditlevsen

Modelling and prediction of financial trading networks: an application to the New York Mercantile Exchange natural gas futures market
B Betancourt, A Rodriguez and N Boyd

Forthcoming papers

Structured penalized regression for drug sensitivity prediction
Z Zhao and M Zucknick

Estimating seal pup production in the Greenland Sea by using Bayesian hierarchical modelling
M Jullum, T Thorarinsdottir and F E Bachl

A flexible parametric modelling framework for survival analysis
K Burke, M C Jones and A Noufaily

Factor-augmented Bayesian cointegration models: a case-study on the soybean crush spread
M Marowka, G W Peters, N Kantas and G Bagnarosa

Using Cox regression to develop linear rank tests with zero-inflated clustered data
S R Lipsitz, G M Fitzmaurice, D Sinha, A P Cole, C P Meyer and Q-D Trinh

Estimation and inference in mixed effect regression models using shape constraints, with application to tree height estimation
X Liao and M C Meyer

Modelling environment DNA data; Bayesian variable selection accounting for false positive and false negative errors
J E Griffin, E Matechou, A S Buxton, D Bormpoudakis and R A Griffiths

Assessing heterogeneity in transition propensity in multistate capture–recapture data
A Jeyam, R McCrea and R Pradel

The analysis of transformations for profit-and-loss data
A C Atkinson, M Riani and A Corbellini

Modelling the spatial extent and severity of extreme European windstorms
P Sharkey, J A Tawn and S J Brown