Accreditation assessment criteria

There are six key areas against which an institution’s programme for accreditation will considered.

In awarding accreditation the RSS is seeking to ensure that a programme meets our standards and that teaching, learning and assessment on the programme are of high quality and fulfil the needs of students and employers.

Detailed information on each assessment criteria and the evidence that can be used to support it can be found in the Accreditation scheme guide

Area 1: Learning, research and practice

The programme adequately address the curriculum or competency requirements outlined in our standards, reflecting best practice in teaching and assessment. Students’ outcomes are positive in terms of programme completion and employment outcomes

Area 2: Selection and entry

An approach to recruitment which welcomes diversity and actively promotes your partnership with the RSS

Area 3: Supporting personal and professional development

Students are supported during their programmes and towards further progression onto higher level programmes or into employment

Area 4: Teaching

Students have access to suitably qualified and experienced teaching staff and a tutoring system that support their personal and educational needs

Area 5: Resources

Students have access to appropriate resource to support their studies

Area 6: Quality management

A clear quality assurance framework is in place at departmental and institutional level, and where appropriate, at inter-institutional level