How to apply for accreditation

We are currently closed for new applications for accreditation until November 2019.

We welcome applications for degree accreditation from universities and other providers delivering programmes in statistics at Honours Degree or Masters level. Full information about our Accreditation Scheme and how to make an application can be found in the Accreditation guide. Institutions can apply at any point in the year.  The accreditation process should take less than 3 months to complete. Applications will be accepted from January 2017 onwards.

Step 1 – Expression of Interest

Prior to submitting an application, you will need to complete and return an Expression of Interest Form (EOI).  At this stage you will need to indicate the number of programmes for which you are applying for accreditation.

If you are already accredited under our existing scheme, you can go straight to Stage 2.

Step 2 – Application

Once you have submitted your EOI, we will send you further details of our application process.  You will be required to complete a self-evaluation questionnaire and a mapping document showing how the programme/s meets the accreditation criteria. The criteria for accreditation and evidence required to submit an application can be found in the Accreditation guide.

Step 3 – Application submission

Your application should then be submitted in electronic format, details of which will be provided at the time of application.  On receipt of your application an invoice will be issued for the application fee and the assessment fee (equivalent to cost of the first year of accreditation for the programme/s for which you are requesting accreditation).  Please see our latest Accreditation scheme fees for more information.

Step 4 – Confirmation of the outcome of your application

Your application will be evaluated independently by two Assessors who will act as reviewers, supported by an accreditation officer.  If any aspect of your application requires clarification, we will contact you. 

We will confirm the outcome of your application in writing. The outcome will be one of the following: 

Your programme/s is awarded accreditation.

Your programme/s is awarded accreditation subject to the successful fulfillment of one or more conditions, to be met within a specified timeframe. 
Your programme/s cannot yet be accredited and you will need to re-apply for accreditation at a future date. 

Where accreditation is granted, we will confirm when this is due to start in line with any request to backdate your accreditation.  We will also add your programme/s to our online database of accredited programmes.

Once you have received notification of accreditation, your programme/s will then be added to our schedule of visits.  For newly accredited institutions this visit will take place in the first year of accreditation.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss any aspect of the application process.

We are currently closed for new applications for accreditation until November 2019.