RSS Accreditation Scheme Fees

Application fee

The charge for submitting an application is £250. This is a non-refundable cost and is only payable on initial application. It is not charged for institutions migrating from our existing accreditation scheme to the new service or for re-accreditation of an existing programme.

Assessment fee

The charge for the assessment of an initial application and site visit will be equivalent to the cost of the first year’s accreditation fee. This fee covers all expenses associated with the assessment and visit except for overnight accommodation for the assessment panel. Institutions will be required to book accommodation for the panel members in a suitable nearby hotel the evening before the site visit. The assessment fee will be invoiced following receipt of a full application. An increased assessment fee to be agreed with the institution will normally be charged where a visit will entail long distance travel for panel members (for example, visits to locations outside the UK).

Accreditation fees

The fees for accreditation will be charged on an annual basis according to the number of programmes submitted, and as agreed by the RSS. The RSS will consider the level of work required for the application, the number of students and the complexity of programmes and where relevant travel time required for visits in order to ensure, as far as possible, that costs are representative and equitable. The first year’s fee will be invoiced following receipt of a full application, in subsequent years it will be charged on the anniversary of the award of accreditation. The table below provides our standard fee rates; the RSS reserves the right to increase fees in line with inflation during the accreditation period. Please note, if your application is unsuccessful, the assessment fee is a non-returnable payment

Programmes Cost per year
1-5 £ 2,000.00
6-10 £ 2,500.00
10+ £ 3,000.00