Statistician CPD profiles

Recording CPD

Our online CPD system offers members a user-friendly, integrated system that records activities and provides reports that summarise the number of learning hours, the categorisation of activities and the benefits gained. It also stores supporting documents that form part of the CPD portfolio of information.

Members may choose to use the CPD activity summary (DOC). If you use this option other supporting materials will need to be held separately.

There is no obligation to use either of these methods, the system you use to record CPD is your choice.

Access our online CPD system by logging into MyRSS (CStat and GradStat only) and then selecting "CPD" from either the drop down or side menu. Please note that if you are already logged into our site then you can just select "CPD" from the drop down "MyRSS" menu (top right).

Examples of CPD profiles

Our professional members supplied these profiles. Each example includes:

  • A summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the example
  • A 12-month CPD summary
  • A completed CSci revalidation form

Example 1: An independent statistical consultant
Example 2: A senior government statistician
Example 3: The chief statistician of a statistics unit
Example 4: An experienced government statistician
Example 5: An experienced scientific advisor
Example 6: An experienced statistician working for a pharmaceutical company  
Example 7: A senior lecturer and head of a clinical trials unit  
Example 8: A university professor of statistics
Example 9: A director of biostatistics in a global pharmaceutical company
Example 10: A senior lecturer in statistics in an African university
Example 11: A senior lecturer in a university department of health informatics
Example 12: A research professor in a university school of the environment
Example 13: An associate director in a health services research unit
Example 14: A senior government statistician
Example 15: A senior lecturer and head of a biostatistics unit
Example 16: A senior lecturer and research coordinator in a university business school