Andrea Rehman, CStat CSci
Assistant Professor in medical statistics 

Scientist types: Investigator, Teacher

Why I chose to apply to be a Chartered Scientist

I provide statistical expertise on randomised controlled trials and observational studies. My focus is in infectious diseases in developing countries, child health and nutritional interventions. I provide MSc and PhD students with face to face, distance learning and tutorial support. I contribute to the wider scientific community through peer review of manuscripts and proposals.

During my PhD I was encouraged by my supervisor to apply for GradStat status, which I converted to CStat. The process of revalidation for a CStat is similar to the process of revalidation for CSci, so without further effort I was able to obtain the recognition of being a Chartered Scientist in addition to being a Chartered Statistician. I like having a professional code of conduct to refer to and I feel the awards demonstrate that I am a highly skilled professional, bound by an ethical code to conduct good science. Having external feedback on my continuing professional development adds confidence that I am doing the right things in line with others in my profession and in the wider scientific community and not just those within my workplace.

The value of Continuing Professional Development to me

Continuing Professional Development provides opportunities to progress and develop a wider skill set. Most of my CPD arises through mentoring or peer review of the work of others and not from formal taught courses. I also do a lot of self-directed learning in response to issues that arise every day in the workplace. This all combines to an increased knowledge base, mental stimulation and greater professional expertise.

The fact that annual revalidation is required for the chartered scientist award encourages me to reflect and assess my learning in a timely manner.