Benefits of Chartered Scientist (CSci) status

The opportunity to apply for the Chartered Scientist (CSci) award is a benefit available to our professionally qualified members.

CSci benefits the holder by:

  • Giving you wider recognition outside of your specific discipline or sector
  • Demonstrating your commitment to professionalism and continuing high levels of competence and development
  • Reflecting the likely breadth of your career across science

Benefits of the award to employers, the profession and the public are outlined on the Science Council’s website for Chartered Scientists.

Comparison of the CStat and CSci awards

There are similarities and differences between the CStat and the CSci award:

  • Both awards designate chartered status and recognise a similar level of professionalism
  • Different awarding bodies
    • CStat award is made by the Society and is based on criteria set by our Professional Affairs Committee (PAC)
    • we are licenced to award CSci but the criteria for making (and retaining) the award are set by the Science Council
  • Whereas the CStat award focuses on professionalism in statistical science, the CSci award is available to professional scientists from a broad range of sciences; including physical, engineering, social, medical and mathematical sciences (the professional associations licenced to award CSci are listed on the licensed bodies page of the Chartered Scientist website)
  • CSci provides a benchmark of professionalism in science valued by people working in a multidisciplinary setting; particularly a scientific setting, but also engineering and financial settings
  • Different requirement for attaining the awards
    • CStat requires a UK undergraduate honours degree (or equivalent) with substantial statistical content in the final year plus a period of experience and development
    • CSci requires an M-level degree in science plus achievement gained in a set of competencies during a period of professional experience
  • Both awards are subject to revalidation based on evidence of continuing professional development
    • CStat five-year revalidation
    • CSci the revalidation cycle is every year
    • members holding both awards only need to meet the CSci revalidation requirements in order to retain both awards