Chartered Scientist

Following a recommendation from the Professional Affairs Committee (PAC), RSS Council has decided not to renew our license to issue the title of Chartered Scientist (CSci) in 2019 and will no longer be accepting new applications for the CSci title.

The PAC and Council took this decision because they want the RSS to concentrate on our own professional qualifications Graduate Statistician (GradStat) and Chartered Statistician (CStat), noting that CSci is the only member category of the RSS where numbers have been in decline. 

Current RSS members who hold the CSci title will be entitled to use it until the end of 2019. At renewal time, membership subscription for 2020 will be for the Chartered Statistician (CStat) fee only. Current CSci holders will able to ‘transfer’ this title to another CSci licensed body, but will be required to apply directly with them and meet their minimum requirements before applying. Licensed bodies are listed here.

Email our professional affairs and examinations manager if you have any queries.