Revalidation for Chartered Scientist

The Chartered Scientist (CSci) award requires annual revalidation. For members who hold both the CStat and CSci award the CSci revalidation process satisfies the revalidation requirements for both awards.

2017 revalidation

  • 195 CSci members entered the 2017 revalidation process
  • 180 members (92 per cent) successfully revalidated their CSci status (including five members who were exempt from the process due to career breaks and/or extenuating circumstances). Those who did not successfully revalidate their CSci status, retain their CStat status and will enter the CStat revalidation process in 2018.
  • Of the 30 members who were audited, 21 satisfied the Science Council Continuing Professional Development (CPD) standards with their initial submission; two members satisfied the standards after re-submitting additional information, one member was allowed to defer revalidation due to extenuating circumstances, and six members did not make an audit submission and so failed the revalidation process.

Preparation for the 2018 revalidation

Revalidation is based on compliance with our CPD policy (PDF). For 2018 revalidation we will be considering the 12-month period from October 2017 to September 2018 inclusive. You should keep an up-to-date record of your CPD activities. Your summaries can be taken from any system you have chosen to use to record your CPD activities, but must contain sufficient information to comply with our CPD policy. Our online CPD system provides suitable summary reports for revalidation and can be accessed from the CPD page or via MyRSS. Also the CPD Activity Summary can be used which can be downloaded from the CPD profile page.

Support materials

  • Our CPD policy (PDF) and Guidance on RSS CPD policy and CPD records (PDF) are available on our CPD page
  • CPD summaries by professional members are available on our CPD profile page (audit submissions from the CSci revalidation process in previous years)
  • A video of our online CPD system (YouTube) is available. (Please note this video shows how to access the system from the old RSS website. From the current version of the website you can access from, then enter your username and password and select CPD in My RSS. The main focus of the video is on how to use the functionality of the online system once it has been accessed.)

Outline of the 2018 CSci revalidation process

  • At the end of August you will receive an email asking you to confirm (by mid-October) that you continue to be professionally active, comply with the RSS CPD Policy and adhere to the RSS code of conduct.

(If you are on a designated career break or facing extenuating circumstances you should briefly explain your situation and you may be granted a deferment of the revalidation process. If you have recently retired, you will need to relinquish your CSci status, although you may continue to retain CStat status.)

  • In mid-October an audit sample will be selected, identifying members who must submit a CPD summary and a completed revalidation form (DOC) for audit by mid-November
  • The assessors make their assessment against the Science Council CPD standards which require applicants to
  1. Maintain a continuous, up-to-date and accurate record of CPD activities.
  2. Demonstrate that CPD activities are a mixture of learning activities relevant to current or future practice.
  3. Seek to ensure that CPD has benefited the quality of practice.
  4. Seek to ensure that CPD has benefited the users of the work.
  5. Maintain a portfolio containing evidence of CPD that could be provided on request.
  • The assessment panel will meet in late November/December and report the outcome of the audit by mid-December

The audited Chartered Scientists will need to fully meet the Science Council CPD standards in order to revalidate and continue CSci status into 2019.

All CSci members are eligible for inclusion in the audit sample except for (i) those who were awarded CSci status after September 2017 and (ii) those who were audited in 2017 and fully met the CPD standards with their submission.

Check this page regularly for updates on the implementation of the revalidation process.

Email our Professional Affairs Committee if you have any questions about the CSci revalidation.