Chartered Statistician

We are not currently receiving applications for professional membership categories Graduate Statistician and Chartered Statistician. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause; however if you register your interest by emailing we will write to you as soon as we re-open applications.

I was part-way through my application but did not submit
If you did not submit before the advertised closing date, you will need to begin your application on the new website once we re-open

I had submitted my application before Monday 30th September - how does this affect me?
This does not affect you; anyone who submitted before Monday 30th September 2019 will have their applications reviewed as normal. Please note it can take up to 12 weeks for some applications to be reviewed.

Chartered Statistician (CStat) is our highest professional award. It provides formal recognition of a member’s statistical qualifications and professional training and experience. Our CStat award is a respected designation and has many benefits for professionally active statisticians.

Our criteria

There are two routes to CStat status – the standard route and the competence based route.

The standard route will be suitable for applicants who:

1. hold a degree(/s) in statistics which successfully maps to our Level 6 or Level 7 standards – from the following:

  1. a UK honours degree (class 2.2 or above) and/or higher degree
  2. an appropriate overseas degree (an MSc may be required)
  3. the Graduate Diploma of the Society.

    Degrees which are formally accredited by the RSS automatically fulfil these requirements (note that in some cases, accreditation is conditional and certain modules need to be passed – please contact the RSS if you require more information).

2. have at least five years of appropriate professional training and experience.

This is a summary of the requirements. Full details of the criteria are provided in the Notes for guidance for CStat applicants via the standard route (PDF).

The competence based route (introduced in April 2017) will be suitable for applicants who:

  1. do not satisfy the academic requirements for the standard route - see above.
  2. can provide evidence that the shortfall in statistical content within their academic qualifications has been addressed via further formal education or training in statistics.
  3. normally have at least five years of appropriate professional training and experience.
  4. can provide evidence (via a competence report) that through their application of statistical knowledge and understanding in professional practice, they have gained the depth and breadth of statistical knowledge expected of a Chartered Statistician.

This is a summary of the requirements - full details of the criteria, additional information that needs to be submitted by applicants via the competence based route, descriptions of the professional competencies and the assessment process are provided in the Notes for Guidance for CStat applicants via the competence route (PDF).

Application process

CStat members must

Those who have a degree that satisfies the academic requirements of the standard route to CStat but do not yet have the necessary training and experience can apply for Graduate Statistician status.


For details of our appeals procedure download our Appeal procedure for CStat applicants (PDF)