Revalidation of the award

In 2012 the Professional Affairs Committee (PAC) introduced revalidation for the Chartered Statistician (CStat) award on a five-yearly basis.

This information is for CStat members who do not also hold the Chartered Scientist (CSci) award. The CSci award requires annual revalidation. For members who hold both the CStat and CSci award the CSci revalidation process satisfies the revalidation requirements for both awards. Details are available on our CSci revalidation page.

The document Outline of the Chartered Statistician revalidation process (PDF) gives detailed information on the process for CStat revalidation, covering:

  • Management of the revalidation process
  • The five-year cycle
  • Initial allocation of existing CStat holders to cohorts
  • Introduction to the process for new CStat members
  • What happens in year five of the cycle
  • The CStat (and GradStat) registers
  • Revalidation for Chartered Statisticians who are also Chartered Scientists
  • Career breaks and extenuating circumstances
  • Retirement
  • Breaks in payment of subscription and reinstatement

Chartered Statistician revalidation 2020

This information is for CStat members who have a revalidation date of 1 January 2021 and who do not also hold the Chartered Scientist (CSci) award. If you are uncertain about your revalidation date you can check it on the professional registers webpage provided you have ‘opted-in’ to being included on the public register; otherwise you will need to email us at

Preparation for the 2020 CStat revalidation process

Revalidation is based on compliance with our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) policy. For 2020 revalidation it will be based on your CPD summaries of 2016 to 2019. Your summaries can be taken from any system you have chosen to use to record your CPD activities, but must contain sufficient information to comply with our CPD policy. Our online CPD system which can be accessed from the CPD page (or from MyRSS) provides suitable summary reports for revalidation. An alternative is the CPD activity summary that can be accessed from the CPD profiles page.

Outline of the 2020 CStat revalidation process

  • In January you will receive an email asking you to confirm that

– you are professionally active
– engaging in continuing professional development in accordance with our CPD policy 
– complying with our Code of Conduct

    We will also request you to provide your CPD summary for the calendar year 2019.

    If you are on a designated career break or facing extenuating circumstances or have recently retired then you should briefly explain your situation and you may be granted a deferment or exemption from the revalidation process.

    The response to the January email must be received by the end of March.

  • Feedback on your initial submission will be given during April, including whether or not you have been selected for audit
  • If you are selected for audit you will need to submit CPD summaries for a subset of the calendar years 2016 to 2019 and a completed Revalidation form (DOC) by the end of June
  • The assessment panel will meet in July/August and will provide feedback to those selected for audit by early September

More information

  • Our CPD policy and Guidance on RSS CPD policy and CPD records (PDF) is available on our CPD page.
  • Continuing professional development – how to make it effective (YouTube) is available on our Professional Statisticians’ Forum (PSF) page (the presentation given at the 16 October 2018 meeting)
  • CPD summaries by professional members are available on our CPD profile page (audit submissions from the CSci revalidation process, but also relevant for members undertaking CStat revalidation)
  • A video of our online CPD system (YouTube) is available. (Please note this video shows how to access the system from the old RSS website. From the current version of the website you can access from, then enter your username and password and select CPD in My RSS. The main focus of the video is on how to use the functionality of the online system once it has been accessed.)
  • Check this page regularly for updates on the implementation of the revalidation process
  • Email us if you have any questions about the Chartered Statistician revalidation process