Why become chartered?

Our Chartered Statistician (CStat) award provides formal recognition of an individual’s statistical qualifications and professional training and experience.

Our CStat award acknowledges that:

  • Statistics is a body of knowledge
  • Practitioners have an advanced knowledge of statistics
  • Statisticians have applied statistics competently and ethically through practice for several years
  • Practitioners keep up-to-date in their areas of expertise as the theory and practice of statistics rapidly develops
  • Shows the world that statisticians are professionals, akin to architects, doctors, engineers and lawyers

Why is this important?

Statistics affects many aspects of our lives and government policy is influenced by statistics. Sound statistical practice informs sound decisions, leading to better policy and better outcomes.

The practice of statistics is a job for skilled professionals. Accredited statisticians have been recognised by their peers as combining education, experience, competence, and commitment to ethics at a level that labels them as professionals. Accreditation provides a measure of assurance to employers, contractors and collaborators of statisticians and a mark of accomplishment to society.