Upgrade your membership

Our membership categories are designed to help RSS members grow within their field of expertise and expand their statistical knowledge. If you're ready to move to the next level, you can upgrade your membership as follows:

e-Student to fellow
Open the online application form and select ‘Fellow’ as your member type. If you are still a student or have graduated in the past two years, you will be eligible for a concessionary rate. Your fellow membership will run for 12 months from the date that you upgrade.

e-Student to Data Analyst
You need to join as a fellow first and then follow the step below.

Fellow to Data Analyst
Check you meet the specified criteria. Go to MyRSS and choose the 'Become a Data Analyst' option.

e-Student to fellow with GradStat designation
You will need to sign up as a fellow before your GradStat application can be considered; once you become a fellow, follow the instructions below.

Fellow with GradStat designation
Open the online application form and select ‘Graduate Statistician’ as member type.

You will need a copy of your degree certificate and transcript to hand. If you’re successful, your membership will be upgraded free of charge and the GradStat fee won’t apply until you next renew your membership. You will receive a certificate from us if successful.

Fellow with CStat designation
There are two routes to Chartered Statistician for fellows:

  • Standard route (for those with a stats degree or equivalent)
  • Competence-based route (for those without an academic qualification in statistics).

Find out which you are eligible for. 

GradStat to CStat
Holders of the GradStat award with at least five years of professional experience within the workplace are eligible to apply for CStat. Find out how to apply, and the information you'll need to support your application.