Covid-19 Webinar Series: Update on COVID 19 Vaccinations

Date: Thursday 01 July 2021, 12.00PM - 1.30PM
Location: Online
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This webinar will focus on Vaccinations - giving an update on coverage but also considering the effectiveness and impact of the vaccination programme.This will include work on the relationship between the vaccination programme and infections - and also the relationship with mortality statistics.
The programme will include speakers from the following organisations:
University of Strathclyde and Public Health Scotland - Vaccination Statistics in Scotland
Public Health England - Vaccination uptake and effectiveness in England
Office for National Statistics - Vaccination rates in England by socio-demographic characteristic, and also relationship with infections and mortality
Public Health Wales – Vaccination Statistics in Wales

Registration for this webinar is now open.
Organised by Richard Willmer for the Health Statistics User Group (HSUG) and the RSS Official Statistics Section 
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