Statisticians for Society

Statisticians for Society was created to help statisticians offer their skills to charitable organisations and other socially useful initiatives.

Since its launch, originally as a pilot project in 2017, the initiative has proven to be a successful route for third sector organisations to secure the expertise of statisticians. With the support of the National Lottery Community Fund, we will continue to link more organisations with volunteer statisticians, who are willing to provide statistical expertise at no cost.

How statisticians can help third sector organisations

Statisticians collect, analyse and present data across a wide range of industries and topics. They use different methods and tools to gather data and make conclusions.

As one of the UK’s leading bodies for promoting the importance of data and evidence, we would like to see more statisticians helping third sector organisations to meet their charitable aims and objectives.

There are many third sector organisations that would like to use data for making decisions, service improvements and to fully demonstrate the value of their work. Our member volunteers can provide the appropriate tools and guidance you need to gain insights into your data.

Express your interest

If you are third sector organisation looking for pro bono support, or a statistician/data scientist interested in volunteering, check information for organisations and volunteers pages.