Consultants Directory

We provide a Directory of Statistical Consultants listing our professionally qualified members who offer a statistical consultancy service. Professionally qualified members hold the status of Chartered Statistician (CStat).

The Directory contains profiles created by the consultants, including information on their specialisms and background as well as their contact details. It operates on an opt-in basis – each consultant has agreed to their profile being available on our public website. There are terms of reference covering the operation of the directory, to ensure it remains up to date.

Marie Oldfield Artificial Intelligence & Ethics, Surveys, Behavioural Analysis, Cyber, Analytics, Analysis, Data Science, Machine Learning, Expert Testimony, Statistics, Modelling, Leadership, Soft Skills, Communication, Training, Mathematics, Operational Research, Philosophy, Project Management, TV Formats, Systems Thinking, CBRN, Government, Defence, Third Sector, Process Management, Stakeholder Management, Business Intelligence, Business Cases, Lean, Six Sigma, DV, SC, Aerospace, Change Management. ⁣ ⁣ At Oldfield Consultancy we see people, not numbers. We exist to simplify the complexity around the problems that matter.⁣ ⁣ We also provide training on soft skills to generate high performance at our sister company: Some Past Clients: UK MOD, UK Gov, MOJ, NATO, Two Four Media, Multiple Universities Worldwide


Giovanni Montana Machine learning, multivariate analysis, deep reinforcement learning Worldwide
Piotr Fryzlewicz Statistics and data science consulting services in: statistical modelling and simulation; time series analysis including time series forecasting; predictive analytics including predictive regression modelling; statistical computing in R; statistical learning and machine learning including deep learning; change-point detection; high-dimensional statistical inference and dimension reduction; quantitative finance. Statistics and data science training courses in: general statistics and machine learning, predictive regression modelling, deep learning with R and Keras, time series analysis including forecasting, basic and advanced R, statistics in finance. (Please contact me if you are interested in a course on a topic not listed here.) Worldwide


Marco Geraci Statistical methods and applications for health sciences; quantile inference; random-effects models; multivariate statistics; missing data; circular statistics; statistical computing; R and C++ programming; spatial statistics; accelerometer data; physical activity; maternal and child health; epidemiology; pediatric oncology; Crohn's disease. Worldwide


Carlin Chun-Fai Chu AI, Data mining, Statistical computation
Faisal Khamis Applied Multivariate Statistics, Applied Social Statistics, Econometrics, Mortality, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Spatial and Temporal Statistics. Worldwide


Ewan Donnachie Health services research; Epidemiology; R Europe


Shirley Coleman Statistical modelling, mining company data, integrating open and business-owned data for business insight, impact case studies. Worldwide


Chia Wern Lim


Chris Naylor Expert systems; Bayesian inferencing using the XMaster expert system shell. Worldwide
Sarah Littler SELECT STATISTICAL SERVICES LTD Select Statistics provides a comprehensive statistical consultancy service that brings value to our clients through our professional solutions, services and training. We operate across a broad range of sectors and offer a wide variety of services that can all be tailored to meet your unique requirements. Our clients range from large international corporations and public sector bodies to SME’s and private individuals. No project is too big or small. To some we are statistical analysts, to others we are data scientists or statistical consultants. Whatever terminology you prefer, what characterises and drives us is identifying and using the best statistical tools to achieve greater understanding, improve decision making and solve practical problems for our clients. Our aim is always to deliver high quality products and services for our clients and we are especially happy to help clients develop internal expertise so that they can understand and use statistical techniques themselves. For more details and case studies please visit the Select Statistics website as shown on the Contact Details tab. Worldwide


Caroline Whately-Smith Clinical trials, medical writing (stats sections), data monitoring committee work Worldwide


Professor Michael G. Schimek For biomedical research, biostatistical and bioinformatical expertise is offered with a special focus on (i) the development of data collection and analysis strategies, (ii) strategies for the extraction of knowledge from data, and (iii) integration (fusion) of data from different sources and of different types. Apart from biomedical applications, various types of data from a wide range of customers in industry, institutions, and administration can be evaluated. A special focus is on (i) the analysis of rating and ranking data, (ii) their integration, also with other types of data, (iii) support for evaluation exercises, and (iv) reporting for decision makers. Europe
Albert Chau Clinical Trials, Drug Development, Phase I-IV Trials, Oncology, Cancer, Statistics, SAS Programming, CDISC, Data Management, Data Science, Survival Analysis
Jackie Campbell Applied statistics/data analysis Research design Commissioned research and evaluation Worldwide


Derek Bond Regional Statistics; Organisational Issues; Econometrics; Spatial Statistics, Boundary issues Worldwide
Jo Morrison Analysis of publicly available education datasets, e.g. National Pupil Database, PISA & TIMSS international studies. Application of statistical techniques such as multilevel modelling and item response theory. Design and analysis of surveys. Worldwide
Alun Bedding Early phase clinical trials, adaptive trials, dose-finding, Bayesian methods, multi-arm clinical trials.
Seyed Shahmy Time-series Analysis, Clinical Trials, Epidemiological studies, Public Health Policy Analysis Worldwide
Barry Quinn Financial data science, statistical forecasting, machine learning and predictive analytics.