Upcoming policy consultations

This page is intended as a source for members to keep up-to-date with open policy consultations that may be of interest to members. It is not an exhaustive list of on-going consultations.

Government Consultations

 Department Consultation Closing Date
UK National Screening Committee Use of AI in breast cancer screening: rapid review and evidence map 13 August 2021
HM Treasury Public service pensions: Consultation on the discount rate methodology 19 August 2021
HM Treasury HM Treasury fundamental review of business rates 24 August 2021
Intellectual Property Office UK’s future exhaustion of intellectual property rights regime 31 August 2021
Ministry of Housing Communities & Local Government Right to Buy sales statistics: proposed changes 9 September 2021
Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, Cabinet Office, Matt Warman MP, and Julia Lopez MP Digital identity and attributes consultation 13 September 2021
Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy UK’s future exhaustion of intellectual property rights regime 24 September 2021
Cabinet Office National Resilience Strategy: Call for Evidence 27 September 2021
Department for Digital Culture, Media & Sport and Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy A new pro-competition regime for digital markets 01 October 2021


Parliamentary Consultations

 Committee Inquiry Closing Date
Welsh Affairs Committee The Benefits System in Wales 10 August 2021
Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee Net Zero Governance 27 August 2021
Justice and Home Affairs Committee New technologies and the application of the law 5 September
Science and Technology Committee Reproducibility and research integrity 30 September 2021


Responding to government consultations can be a useful way for the RSS to influence policy and inform the public debate. At the same time, the government consults on a large number of things and its openness to feedback varies significantly. This means that it does not make sense for the RSS to respond as an organisation to every consultation that might be relevant. We will look to respond organisationally when one or more of the following apply:

  • There is a statistical or data issue that is central and the RSS’s response can highlight and explain the importance of it
  • The issue is especially newsworthy and our comms team would be able to promote our recommendations to the media, and expose our arguments to a wider audience
  • A fundamental principle is at stake and it is important that we advocate for it.

If, based on this, you think that the RSS should be responding to a consultation, please contact policy@rss.org.uk to let us know.

Otherwise, members are encouraged to respond to consultations either collectively or individually. If the response is being coordinated by the committee of a section or special interest group, you can (with the permission of the chair) submit the response as an RSS section. If you are responding as an individual, you can refer to your membership of the RSS.

Please do not present your response as the RSS’s position.

If you do respond to a consultation and would like to share your response with our policy team, we would be keen to be informed of your views. We would be especially grateful to see any responses submitted by sections or special interest groups.