Consultation on the National Data Strategy: Update

***Update: 25 November 2020***
A new report, ‘Getting data right: perspectives on the UK National Data Strategy 2020’ – published by the Ada Lovelace Institute, the Centre for Public Data, the Institute for Government, the Open Data Institute, and the Royal Statistical Society – includes key insights gathered through a series of events convened to discuss the four pillars of the National Data Strategy.

Read the report 'Getting data right: Perspecitves on the UK National Data Strategy 2020'.

Consultation on the National Data Strategy (first published 29 October 2020)

We're looking for members' input on our response to the UK Government's recently published National Data Strategy, which aims to help improve the use of data across businesses, government, civil society and individuals.

The National Data Strategy was launched for consultation in September. The RSS will be feeding into this process with constructive recommendations for the government about how the goals of the National Data Strategy can be implemented for the public good – encouraging growth and innovation – while at the same time emphasising data ethics, good governance and regulation.

There are two aspects to our current work on this, which members are encouraged to help feed into and inform.

First, the RSS is working with the Open Data Institute, the Ada Lovelace Institute, the Institute for Government and the Centre for Public Data to convene a series of meetings to discuss the four pillars of the National Data Strategy. Our event, held next week on Wednesday 4 November, 2-3pm, will focus on a discussion of data skills. Speakers, including Ben Goldacre and Sharon Witherspoon, RSS VP for education and statistical literacy, will discuss some of the key issues around how to remedy data skills shortages. If you are interested in this event, please register to attend and join the conversation.

Second, we have launched a short survey so that members can help shape our response to the consultation. In particular, the government is asking for examples of how data (excluding health and social care data) was used well during the pandemic and how it could have been used better. We’re particularly interested in hearing members’ thoughts on this topic – and that is what the short form focuses on – but any thoughts are welcome.

If you’d like to feed in to the RSS’s response to the consultation, please complete the form.

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